THE MARIGOLD – KANAVAL out 16th december 2014

Dicembre 11th, 2014


LABEL (EU) >>> DeAmbula Records (DEAR 019) | Riff Records (RFF 026) | Hyphen Rec (HR 012) | Icore Prod. (ICO 02)
LABEL (US) >>> Already Dead Tapes & Records (only tape)
PRODUCED & MIXED >>> Toshi Kasai
DISTRIBUTION >>> Goodfellas | DeAmbula Records| Riff Rec | Hyphen Rec | Icore
RELEASE DATE>>> 16th December 2014
FORMAT >>> CD / TAPE | Avant Rock – Noise – Sludge/Ambient|


     Tornano The Marigold, con la terza fatica sulla lunga distanza. Intitolato KANAVAL, il disco risulta un’abrasiva miscela di post-rock, noise e reiterazione mantrica, con un’inedita verve sperimentale, idealmente al crocevia tra Swans e My Bloody Valentine. Ormai alle spalle le escursioni in campo wave, qui chitarre granitiche, frattali rumoristici ed epiche nuances cospirano per un assalto frontale dall’etica garage. KANAVAL coopta musicisti come Amaury Cambuzat (Ulan Bator, Faust), Gioele Valenti (Herself) e Toshi Kasai (attivo con i MELVINS), che oltre ad aver suonato sul disco, ne ha anche curato mix e mastering al Sound Of Sirens (Sun Valley, CA).
Il disco esce negli USA per la Already Dead Tapes & Records di Chicago e in Europa per la DeAmbula Records, Riff Records, la belga Hyphen Records e Icore Prod.


      KANAVAL is the third official release of THE MARIGOLD, a well-loved Italian band of shoegazers who play an original mix of noise and rock, melted with an incredible experimental attitude, ideally between Swans and My Bloody Valentine. The band, leaded by Marco Campitelli, in this last release puts together a bunch of friends like ULAN BATOR’s leader Amaury Cambuzat (also playing with great FAUST), folk singer Gioele Valenti aka HERSELF, and a great sound engineer, Toshi Kasai (active with MELVINS), who – beside having played on – has produced, mixed and mastered the work at Sound Of Sirens, Sun Valley, CA.
the album is out in USA for Already Dead Tapes & Records di Chicago and in Europe for DeAmbula Records, Riff Records, Hyphen Records (BE), Icore Prod.

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