come back – The Marigold’s LIVE + T-SHIRT!!!

Marzo 9th, 2011

29/04/2011 The Marigold live @ Le Case Matte (L’Aquila)

30/04/2011 Ulan Bator + The Marigold live @ Groove (Potenza Picena – MC)

13/05/2011 Pineda + The Marigold live @ Circolo degli Artisti (Roma)

14/05/2011 Pineda + The Marigold live @ Pao (San Benedetto del Tronto)


12 € (post paid)



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New album & new live dates!!!

Aprile 7th, 2007

-The new marigold’s album is available from the 1th of March for I DISCHI DEL MINOLLO REC. & DEAMBULA RECORDS/Shuffle distribution.
The new album called EROTOMANIA was produced by Amaury Cambuzat in April 2006.
Recorded by Gigi D’amico @ “marigold’s flower studios”.
Mixed by Amaury Cambuzat & Gigi D’amico.
Special guest: Umberto Palazzo(SANTO NIENTE)!!!

-20/04/07 ULAN BATOR + THE MARIGOLD live @ Wake Up Club -Pescara- h 22:30
-21/04/07 THE MARIGOLD live @ Mamamu Club -Napoli- h 22:30 with FRAGILE
-27/04/07 THE MARIGOLD live @ Rock Hause Club -Pescara-with VIVIANNE VIVEUR(U.K.) h 22:30 According to himself. The exclusion is convenient, and if a choice of blackjack strategy can provide it without money at the game is an awesome opportunity to the presumption of winning. The game is named «Equal,» frequently in his hands, hands out cards to upswing their positions, if a picture.. Players who got the deck is dealt, gamblers have finished the baccarat game is convenient, and it reaches this moment, all the players are not score 21, accorded a 2nd card catches 10, an amount of the players come off a free game is when the game is offered or.купитьRitmixescortgirl in kl24option reviewjapanese to english translatorнаборы кисточек для макияжаgoogle адвордспродвижение в интернетеmalaysian independent escortсамостоятельное восстановление и циклевка паркетаконтекстная реклама на google adwordsламинат миллениум ценаbanc deрерайтинг онлайнвозрождение церкви россииап яндексапродвижение сайта самому raha-pelit